Mixology 101 at Jade Bar: Bartending Basics With a Double Shot of History

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Heather Hoch
Mixology 101 students mix up their own style of Tom Collins.
The class got more participatory with the sample of Old Tom gin, when we broke out and made our own Tom Collins. With a selection of berries, cucumbers and citrus juice, we muddled the base, added our simple syrup and choice of gin and then gave it all a good shake. After a double strain to make sure the berry seeds and pulp were out of our teeth and straws when drinking, everyone tried the range of Collins the group came up with. (We used blackberries, cucumber, lime juice, simple syrup and Hendrick's gin.)

The session ended with a sample of the future of gin with Western style Aviation, which is the bar's consulting mixologist Ryan Magarian's brand. Since Garcia had some time left and a captive, albeit a little tipsy, audience, he mixed up one of Magarian's signature drinks--the Honeydew Liver Thump. The sweet, almost creamy, melon-based cocktail was a crowd pleaser, with explosive and unexpected flavor. All in all, the class featured a lot of great drinks to taste, along with interesting, hands-on information for $30.

Heather Hoch
Eddie Garcia pours his classic Tom Collins.
Learning the basics cocktail recipes starts with knowing the classics like the Old Fashioned, Tom Collins and, Garcia's favorite, the Sazerac. Although he admits he's more of a fan of working with old recipes ("If it wasn't made before 1920, I don't have time for it," he says.), his love of cocktail history shines through in the class. The Mixology 101 series continues December 14 with whiskey, the 21 with rum and the 28 with vodka. Sessions begin at 1 p.m. and typically last about two hours. Private sessions, along with reservations to the current session, can be reserved by calling 480-607-2300.

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