Fill Your Gluten-Free Christmas Cookie Plate

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Judy Nichols
My perfectionist Martha Stewart gluten-free Christmas cookies.

Last year, I didn't eat any of my Christmas cookies because I used the Martha Stewart recipe for sugar cookies that I always use, with loads of butter, sugar and gluten-laden flour. I didn't want to alter the recipe because, like many of Martha's creations, it is perfect, and one of the many reasons I have forgiven her for any of the things for which she was sent to prison. I'm sure she's learned her lesson, and she probably made her prison roomies some damn good cookies.

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Judy Nichols
My grandmother's star cookie-cutter worked just fine on the gluten-free sugar-cookie dough.

I always make sugar cookies for Christmas. Perfect, crispy, buttery Martha ones in the shapes of snowmen, stars, Christmas trees and bells, using my grandmother's cookie cutters. And I decorate them with Martha's royal icing and sparkly crystal sugar in red, green and white. My husband helps, although his decorating is slightly different than that shown in Martha's magazine.

We take plates of the sugar cookies into the office for coworkers. I put them into clear cellophane bags and tie them with Christmas ribbons, like Martha, to give to friends. I pack them into holiday cookie tins to mail across the country to relatives in far-flung states. I freeze some to take out when my sister-in-law visits in February and we need a sugar fix.

So even though I was diagnosed with celiac disease several years ago, I decided the tradition must continue, and I kept on keeping on.

This year, I called a halt. I mean, really, isn't this a little Martha-loving, self-loathing, Stepford-wife, ridiculously creepy.

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