How to Make a Floradora Cocktail

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JK Grence
My mind works in curious ways. I really should be writing about some warm winter drink this week. Granted, if you've been playing along at home, your egg nog from a few weeks ago should be ready to serve any day now, so there's your winter cocktail for this week. And if you haven't been playing along, if you start a batch of egg nog today, it will be ready just barely in time to serve alongside presents on Christmas.

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So what happens to me this week? Naturally, someone at work was in the mood for something sort of like a Moscow Mule. Never mind that the Moscow Mule is as summery as drinks get; cravings are cravings, and I was glad to oblige. I made a twist on it by making it with gin, and they loved it. After the shift, as I was looking through my books of drinkable historical curiosities, I found a similar drink with a most amusing history, the Floradora.

The drink was named for Florodora, one of the first big Broadway musicals at the start of the 20th century. There was something of a plot, and there were some decent musical numbers, but what really drew the crowds was the sextet of Florodora Girls. They were a comely set of lasses, identically costumed brunettes who measured exactly five foot four inches and 130 pounds.

The gals wouldn't get anyone to bat an eyelash these days, but back then, they were the sexy, scintillating talk of the town. Rumor has it the original six Florodora girls managed to land themselves quite well-to-do husbands.

The recipe for a Floradora cocktail (why the musical was Florodora and the cocktail is Floradora is beyond me, but them's the breaks) is pretty straightforward, except for one little oddball ingredient: raspberry syrup. It's fairly easy to make your own.

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