EVO in Scottsdale: Happy Hour Report Card

Heather Hoch
EVO's specialty cocktails are all $6 during happy hour.
The Drink:
Wine on tap and draft and bottle beer are $5 per glass during EVO's happy hour, but we decided to start off with a $6 specialty cocktail. Initially, we ordered the Pit of Passion with aperol, passion fruit and tequila, but they didn't have the ingredients to make it. We went for our second choice, the EVO Maid, which is a fairly standard combination of Hendrick's gin, cucumber and lime-- not a bad drink, but certainly not original. We also tried to intensely sweet Monroe's Mule, a fruity take on its Russian cousin, and the Elder Fizz, which, from what we could tell, was just a (sparkling) watered down St. Germain and champagne.

Heather Hoch
EVO feels inviting and looks hip, but we think the food and drink could use some tweaking.
The Conclusion:
While the selection on both the food and beverage menu for happy hour at EVO is great and the ambiance is inviting, we had several issues with hour our food's consistency, ranging from odd potato chips to crunchy pasta. The specialty drinks were also pretty unoriginal and way too sweet for our liking. Overall, we weren't blown away by EVO, but we might give it a second chance with a $7 pizza and that Pit of Passion we never got.

Grade: B-

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4175 N. Goldwater Blvd., Scottsdale, AZ

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