Bacon in Your Egg Nog?! Nogtail Knockout: District vs. J&G Steakhouse

Heather Hoch
The simple approach to nogtailing from J&G Steakhouse.
In The Other Corner: J&G Steakhouse

The Setup:
Feeling like king of the mountain this Christmas? Do you want to? That view at J&G will have you feeling like a million bucks. Although the normal d├ęcor is pretty glitzy and festive, we didn't see much in the way of Christmasizing at J&G in the Phoenician Resort. That doesn't lose the cocktail battle for them, but it also doesn't help the cause.

The Good:
Aside from really loving the opportunity to peer out that massive window down onto the twinkling city of Scottsdale, J&G's egg nog cocktail (which wasn't actually listed on the menu yet when we tried it out) had two elements working for it. It had homemade egg nog and booze. A small grind of nutmeg provided the flavor to this drink, which would have otherwise been completely underwhelming.

Heather Hoch
The Bad:
That's right. Grinch time again. We were hoping one of these spots would be a nogtail beacon in a world where it's all but fallen to the wayside. However, J&G charged us $12 for a small glass of egg nog with (ugh) Captain Morgan spiced rum. Captain Morgan? Really? This is an opportunity to use all of that brandy on the back shelf you never touch in the summer or even grab some very en vogue Rhum Agricole. For $12, you better not give me Captain Morgan. All that aside, the drink tasted like milk mixed with rum with nutmeg on top--we're not at all impressed.

And the winner is... By default, District takes it. We prefer the consistency and flavor of their nog, along with the rum choice and lower price point, above J&G. However, the lack of bacon garnish and any noticeable bacon flavor in our "Hog Nog" was pretty disappointing. In both cases, there was little balance or finesse finding the ratio of liquor to egg nog, making all of them aggressively spirit-forward. Honestly, this might be a year to go DIY with your nogtail cravings.

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