Eating Christmas: Chow Bella Writers (and Artists) Tell Stories of Food and Festivities Dec. 17 at Crescent Ballroom

Around this time last year, I was gathering stories about food and Christmas to run on Chow Bella when my friend (and one of my favorite writers) Kim Porter mused, "I sure wish we could read these aloud."

Wish granted, thanks to Charlie Levy and the other nice folks at Crescent Ballroom, who gave Chow Bella the stage last December -- and twice more this year, for our writers to tell stories about love & food and heat & food.

But Christmas (as you'll learn if you come to this year's "Eating Christmas") is my favorite, so I was thrilled when we were invited back again. Check out our line-up:

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Becky Bartkowski
Katie Johnson
Cynthia Clark Harvey
Brandon Huigens
Ada Malcioln Martin
Judy Nichols
Robrt L Pela
Julie Peterson
Sativa Peterson
Kim Porter
Eric Schaefer
Amy Silverman
Deborah Sussman
Kathy West
Jason P. Woodbury

"Eating Christmas" will begin at 7 pm, Tuesday, December 17 at Crescent Ballroom. Admission is free (with food and drink for sale) but we hope you bring a can or two to benefit St. Mary's Food Bank.

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Crescent Ballroom

308 N. 2nd Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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