Chef-Owners Joshua Riesner and Keenan Bosworth of Scottsdale's Pig & Pickle Are Splitsville

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Nikki Buchanan
Keenan Bosworth (left) and Joshua Riesner in December 2012.
Keenan Bosworth and Joshua Riesner, the culinary duo behind Pig & Pickle, the casual spot serving upscale comfort food in south Scottsdale, are no more.

The two chef-owners, both formerly of Atlas Bistro, opened Pig & Pickle, their first restaurant, a year ago after having cooked in various kitchens (Bosworth at Rancho Pinot and Digestif, Riesner at Pinot Brasserie and Daniel Boulud's DB Brasserie in Las Vegas) for about two decades.

Bosworth is staying on at the restaurant. Riesner is not.

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Although he wouldn't say exactly when the split happened, Pig & Pickle general manager Chris Beelendorf did confirm that Riesner no longer is with the restaurant and that Bosworth and business partner/bartender Clayton MacGregor plan on continuing operations as usual.

In a separate statement, Riesner tells me he is stepping away from Pig & Pickle adding, "The timing is right and the staff is more than capable of running things in my absence. I'm on to other projects. I've got a lot of ideas spinning around that need to be unleashed."

Stay tuned for details.

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Pig & Pickle

2922 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, AZ

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The place WAS good. The jury will have to revote on if it is still good or not.

Honu Turtle
Honu Turtle

Thanks Bobby, it's been 2 months and we haven't skipped a beat, show and prove, forever evolving.

PegnBob Briggs
PegnBob Briggs

Great spot, great chef and crew. Keenan Bosworth and Chris Beelendorf will keep the standards high. All the best guys!!!

Toni Marie
Toni Marie

Bummer, hope this is a good thing... where will I go on Friday nights! =(

Jon Crowley
Jon Crowley

Joint rules, it ain't gross, go eat elsewhere,

Bobby Kelso
Bobby Kelso

That place rules...huge success first year. not many restaurants can claim that. Keenan and Clayton will keep it great.

Rogel Carlos
Rogel Carlos

Sounds like a gross restaurant. Should call it Elk and Cucumber

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