14 Favorite Restaurants of Valley Chefs for an Unconventional Christmas Dinner

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Chinese restaurant from "A Christmas Story."
For non-celebrants or those interested in an unconventional Christmas meal (turkey burners included), several restaurants throughout the Valley -- those serving up dishes like rice and noodles, sushi, and pizza -- are happy to accommodate.

Here, Valley chefs share their 14 favorite spots in town for a decidedly different take on Christmas dinner.

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Chef Matt Taylor,
Market Street Kitchen

Royal Thai Grill (Mesa) or Texaz Grill (Phoenix) for some liver and onions or chicken fried steak.

Steve Freidkin
Owner, Texaz Grill

Super Dragon (Phoenix) on Christmas Day. It's a little-known ancient Jewish tradition.

Sadhana Raj,
Chef and Owner, 24 Carrots Natural Café & Urban Juicery

Los Taquitos (Phoenix): Vegan vegetable bombero burrito, griddled crisp with a side of guac. I love my food spicy, and these guys get it right. And you can sneak it into that holiday movie -- not that I would ever do such a thing.

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Josh Hebert
Chef and Owner, Posh

Four Peaks (Tempe, Scottsdale) because everybody needs a beer and a plate of nachos.

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Dona Levy
Dona Levy

Can you update us on Chinese Open on Christmas day?

Tony Morales
Tony Morales

I wonder if Rick knows Wahsun is closed....

P Joseph Rooney
P Joseph Rooney

Ive always done Jack in the Box. Maybe I'll try something new this year.

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