AZ Wine Lifestyle to Print Final Issue This Winter

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AZ Wine Lifestyle -- formerly known as Arizona Vines and Wines -- is printing its final issue this winter.

I am disappointed. I have been involved in the local wine scene now for almost four years, and this publication was always my go-to guide for visitors and locals as well.

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The publication delineated with easy-to-read maps where wineries were located, showcased a local winemaker or winery in every issue, informed us which restaurants were pouring local wine.

The magazine was more than that, though. It was like the "love that binds" -- a magazine where winemakers had a platform to tell their story and where all things relating to the local food and wine scene were broadcast. Although the printed publication is going away, the online presence is not.

I know I will be saving the final issue.

The publisher's letter:

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