How to Make an Airmail Cocktail

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JK Grence
As the year draws to a close, it becomes ever easier to find a reason to break out the bubbly. Not that Last Call has ever needed a reason, mind you. My current excuse? There's a new social club, Rose. Rabbit. Lie., opening in my favorite vacation haunt, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. They're doing all manner of obscure vintage cocktails on their list to go with the overall vintage theme of the place. I can't wait to get up there.

Since I'm not going to make it out of town any time soon, the best I can do is bring some of the party to my living room. The drink that caught my eye is the Airmail cocktail, which includes both bubbly and rum. How it took me this long to unearth something this suited to my personal tastes, I have no idea.

While many cocktails out there have intriguing stories behind their names, the Airmail's provenance is pretty simple. It got its name in the early 1940s. Back then, airmail was the gold standard method to get your message across, no matter where Point A and Point B were. To think, if the drink was invented in the 1980s it probably would have been named the Federal Express. I wonder, what would be the modern-day equivalent? Email? The urgent text?

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