5 Metro Phoenix Growers and Farmers to Follow on Instagram

The Simple Farm Instagram
Promote the Goat!

@TheSimpleFarm/The Simple Farm
If you're a sucker for cute goats and pretty flowers, this is the account for you. Chronicling The Simple Farm is co-owner Lylah Ledner who grows and makes everything from carrots to caramels. Her near daily posts sometimes includes videos of baby goats and our recent favorite- milking a goat directly into her coffee. #Promotethegoat indeed.

Charleen Badman's Instagram.
Veggie heaven.

Bonus: @VeggieBadman/ Charleen Badman
While not technically a grower, Badman is called the "vegetable whisperer" for a reason and her account is a colorful cornucopia of goodness and most of the time you can try her works at FnB. Are you hungry yet?

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