5 Metro Phoenix Growers and Farmers to Follow on Instagram

From Hayden Flour Mills instagram
Follow these farmers and growers.

We're picky about a lot of things -- for example, our homegrown food and who we follow on Instagram. Here are five Instagram-ers in metro Phoenix we can get behind following. They provide a special look into what's it like to grow food in Metro Phoenix. From fancy full-scale farms to smaller growers. Follow these folks to be inspired daily and remember "no farms, no food."

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Tony Grows Instagram
This guy know kale...and more.

Tony Kasowski showcases adventures in vegetables, mulch techniques, composting, and farm animals like rabbits and chickens on his personal account. Kasowski is the founder and operator of Grow Kale, which focuses on ecologically and chemical free fruit and vegetable garden/orchards. He's worked on multiple farms and also teaches urban-farming classes.

Hayden Flour Mills Instagram
Get to know Arizona grains.

@HaydenFlourMills/ Hayden Flour Mills
Milling at it's finest, the Hayden Flour Mills account started up almost 2 years ago and seems to picking up speed with more posts recently. You'll see lovely well thought through photos that capture the process, the outcomes and the retail part of the business and some candid shots of local food "celebrities."

The Farm at South Mountain Instagram
Phoenix's multi use farm.

@TheFarmArizona/The Farm at South Mountain
With a retail twist and staggered (we'd like to see more) posts, you can vicariously live at "The Farm" through this account.

Agritopia Instagram

@AgritopiaFarm/ Agritopia
Keep up with what's growing and available for sale by following The Farm at Agritopia. The sun-soaked images are inspirational....and there's sheep. Enough said. Also, follow Garrett Gruninger at handle "Burritos_Workshop" who works at The Farm at Agritopia for even more inspiration.

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