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20 Things No One Told You About Being a Chef in Phoenix

Most of us are familiar with the less-glorious aspects of being a chef: the long hours, the time it takes to get to the top, and (ouch!) the aches and pains. But what about being a chef in Phoenix makes cooking here so distinctive? Valley chefs let us in on some things we may not have thought of.

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Eat Local - 5x7 Art Print
Favorite Local Products from Valley Chefs

Get ready to start shopping -- from produce, cheese, bread, meat, adult libations, and other foodstuffs, these of-the-moment local picks from Valley chefs might be your next procurement.

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10 Bizarre Diner Requests Asked of Valley Chefs

From unusual menu modifications, to questionable preparation techniques, to downright bizarre uses for chocolate, Valley chefs and restaurateurs told tales of taking special orders to a whole new level.

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