5 Best Bites & Dishes of 2013

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For over two years, Valley chefs and restaurateurs have been responding to questions about food, service, the restaurant scene, customers -- pretty much anything -- that I've had on my mind for a weekly post we call Bites & Dishes.

For 2013, I've rounded up five of the best topics, those that sparked discussion, provided insight into the Valley's cooking scene, and made us smile.

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Is Yelp Fair to Restaurants?

The rating site Yelp has been accused of removing or hiding negative reviews for companies that advertise, having users who abuse the system by blackmailing restaurants, and was once called a "forum for uninformed morons" by Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern. Valley chefs had a few reservations about Yelp as well.

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Is it Ever Okay Not to Tip?

Rudeness? Not receiving food? Inattentiveness? I asked Valley chefs and restaurateurs whether they thought it was ever acceptable not to leave a tip. They had a few things to say -- and so did readers.

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