10 Bizarre Burgers From Around the Country (and the World)

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JK Grence
McD's imitation for $9? It's worth it at Scottsdale's Brat Haus.

Pig Mac Brat Haus

Arizona gets in on the bizarre burger action too. Although the ingredients in the Pic Mac aren't all that weird, the concept itself is a bit of a struggle to understand -- unless you are prone to big cravings for Big Macs despite your food snob leanings. If so, this upscale burger was designed with you in mind. It starts with two patties of meat: one beef, one pork sausage. From there, it resembles the McDonald's famed burger almost exactly: special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions on a sesame seed bun. The American cheese is upgraded to real cheddar, and the dehydrated onions are subbed for root beer caramelized onions. Next time you find yourself driving to a Scottsdale McD's, turn the wheel toward Brat Haus instead.

Pizza Little Party
It's a pizza. It's a burger. No, wait ... it's MEGABURGERPIZZA!

MegaBurgerPizza Pizza Little Party

Americans love pizza. Americans love burgers. So why do you have to cross the Pacific Ocean to get a pizza-burger? This double trouble menu item is available at Japan's Pizza Little Party and is exactly what it sounds like. Rather than a bun, it uses two pizzas to encase multiple cheeseburger patties. The mash-up is complete with ketchup and pickles.

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Jennie Rice
Jennie Rice

Restaurant Maison in Prescott!! They've created the tastiest burger. The Chuck and duck. 75% Chuck and 25% duck. So delicious!!!

Mick Jones
Mick Jones

Kyle's mom is sucking my hotdog right now.

Steve Palermo
Steve Palermo

McDonalds. Im not sure what they put in it, but it is strange no doubt.

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