Tyson Holzheimer and Joe Strelnik: The Chefs Behind Arizona's First Snooze, an A.M. Eatery

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Lauren Saria
Joe Strelnik (left) and Tyson Holzheimer (right) outside the new Snooze in Phoenix.
Tyson Holzheimer and Joe Strelnik
Co-Executive Chefs
Snooze, an A.M. Eatery

If the food at Snooze, an A.M. Eatery is as fun, thoughtful, and well-balanced as its two executive chefs, then Phoenix certainly is in for a treat. Tyson Holzheimer, the quieter (though no less zealous when it comes to food) of the two chefs will be in charge of production, while Joe Strelnik, a chatty Johnston and Wales grad, will oversee the behind-the-scenes magic. This week, the Denver-based breakfast chain opens its first location in Arizona and we're talking with the two guys behind the imaginative menu of pancakes, Benedicts, breakfast booze, and more. Don't forget to come back tomorrow when we find out how each got into the culinary business and how Snooze is getting involved in the community already.

If there's one word you're likely to hear a lot when talking to Tyson Holzheimer and Joe Strelnik it's "passion." It's the word they use to describe how they feel about their food, their company, their staff -- everything.

"It's our job to be passionate," Strelnik says. "It's our job to be passionate and to make it contagious."

Both of the chefs come from fine-dining backgrounds, and it shows in the little details at Snooze, things that are easy to overlook when you're doing breakfast. At Snooze, you'll find things like a Niman Ranch program -- that's right, program -- which means that all their meats, including breakfast sausages, ham, and chorizo, are sourced from the prestigious San Francisco-based ranch. They source their coffee from a family-owned farm in Guatemala, and each and every one of their dishes and mugs is handmade by artisans in Southern California.

When the chain's first location in Arizona opens this week, it will debut a fall menu featuring seasonal dishes like sweet potato pancakes and a Late Harvest Benny, with Swiss chard, fennel, and leeks atop goat cheese and herb polenta cakes. Mouth watering yet? Ours, too. But don't get too attached.

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2045 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ

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