12 Ideas for Thanksgiving Leftovers from Valley Chefs

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Kristen Taylor
The turkey sandwich isn't the only dish on the leftovers list.
Nearly as anticipated as the feast, the post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich has a place in our hearts all its own.

This week, I asked Valley chefs and restaurateurs their favorite ideas for Thanksgiving leftovers. Here, along with tips for stepping-up turkey sandwiches (think slathered in jalapeño and cilantro aioli and wrapped up as a burrito), you'll find leftover love in the form of soups, noodle dishes, and even breakfast items.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Chef Rich Hinojosa,
The Wigwam

Potato gnocchi with mushrooms, blue cheese, and some of the leftover confit turkey meat.

Thumbnail image for TheresaWille32SheaBandD.jpg
Chef Theresa Wille,
32 Shea

With all the leftover turkey and gravy, I love making turkey waffles and topping them off with gravy for a morning breakfast.

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Adam Allison
Chef and Owner, Frank. Food Truck

Burritos. Shred up some of the heated turkey and add some fire-roasted poblano peppers, onions, avocado, jack cheese, and some mole. Best thing ever. Who doesn't love burritos?

Thumbnail image for GinoLeonelLaPrimaDonnaBandD.jpg
Giovanni (Gino) Leonel
Chef and Owner, La Prima Donna Ristorante & Catering

With the weather getting colder, I like to make a soup with it. It changes the whole spirit of the dish and becomes something completely new and awesome. Look for a recipe like Ribolita Soup and just add shredded turkey.

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