Scottsdale's Salty Señorita on the Move; New Restaurant, Union Barrel House, Taking Over Space (and We've Got the Menu)

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After 10 years, Old Town's Salty Señorita is ready for a makeover. And she's getting one in spades.

On Sunday, November 17, the good-time cantina will host a final celebration before closing its doors to move up the street. Salty's new location will be at 3748 North Scottsdale Road (in the former home of Billet Bar) and will re-open in early December with a new look, a new executive chef, and a new menu.

What's to become of the old Salty's spot? The location will become Union Barrel House, a "modern Americana and beer-centric ale house specializing in craft beer and modern melts" set to open in January.

Here's what diners can expect from the new Salty's and from Union Barrel House.

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Salty's new menu, created by new executive chef Brian Feirstein (Z'Tejas, Eddie V's Prime Seafood, Cask 63) will focus on beach-inspired cuisine. Expect to see dishes such as crab flautas, Mexican-inspired flat breads like Coca-Cola machaca, maple jalapeño carnitas with sweet corn tamales, grilled shrimp burritos, and a variety of a la carte tacos including skirt steak asada, smoked octopus, and chicken tinga.

Along with regular seating, diners at the new Salty's will have the option to park themselves at individual grill tables or a larger 12-seat grilling table where they can watch chefs prepare their meals.

On the libations side, Salty's will offer over 50 types of premium tequilas along with around 70 kinds of margaritas as well as housemade sangria. Drinks will be served in custom made fish bowls, conch shells, mermaid pitchers, coconut shells, and flower pots.

Salty's new space, described as "sleek, with a comfortable modern sensibility," will include an exhibition kitchen, stainless steel island bar, and sand-filled table tops with decor touches of reclaimed wood, stained glass, and mosaic tile. A 4,000-square-foot outdoor patio will feature outdoor fire pits, an indoor/outdoor bar, and multiple-level plank decking.

See the new menu for Union Barrel House, the new restaurant that will open in the old Salty Senorita spot (3636 North Scottsdale Road) after the jump.

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Salty Senorita

3748 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale, AZ

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Sounds like an improvement


Menu without prices. #fail


No prices listed. Will probably be overpriced food and overpriced beer just as like at the Brat Haus next door.


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