5 Gifts for the Serious Restaurant Goer

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What? Not done with your holiday shopping? Yeah, neither are we. But we've been making lists -- and checking them twice -- and we've got some suggestions for the nice people on your lists. Today, Chow Bella's Gift Guide for the Serious Restaurant Goer.

They're out nearly every weekend, know all the hottest restaurants, and can rattle off their five favorite places for homemade pasta as easily as if they were reciting their phone number. They're restaurant hounds, serious diners who love dining out more than they do cooking in -- and they've got a stack of menus at home to prove it.

If you've got one on your holiday shopping list, don't start and stop with a gift card to their favorite restaurant (so obvious). Go one better and pair it (or don't) with one of these five gifts that show you understand what makes them howl.

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For restaurant hounds with a Twitter account and an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, give them this free stocking stuffer of the app kind. It not only helps them discover their next favorite dining spot, but what to eat there as well. Called Forkly, the app lets users search for restaurants, find out "what's good" there via photos and ratings, and submit and share their own reviews.

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These are fucking stupid. Scrap book for menus? Just stop.

Sheldon Sturges
Sheldon Sturges

For gifts, I mean. Eating out is a luxury that many of us cannot afford.

Sheldon Sturges
Sheldon Sturges

Great ideas, assuming that anyone has any disposable income.

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