Holiday Wine: A Stress-Free Guide

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Nathan Claiborn
This turkey has the right idea.

Every year around this time every food or wine related magazine is chock full of advice for pairing wine with your holiday meals. Sangiovese, Pinot Noir, keep it light, do this don't do that. This wine goes with this kind of stuffing, that wine is terrible with turkey etc. I could spend a thousand words arguing why Oregon pinot is better than Santa Barbara pinot for Thanksgiving dinner but I try to take a much more relaxed approach. Here are my Do/Don't of holiday wine.

DON'T overspend on wine. There's already enough financial pressure during the holidays so it's not the time to go nuts trying to impress your family or friends. Chances are only a few people at your festivities would really appreciate it anyway. Save that special bottle for more intimate occasions. Stick to moderately priced wine so that when your wife comes home with an exorbitant present for your mother-in-law, at least you can afford it.

DON'T Stress. You're planning the menu, buying all the food, carefully selecting your guests, then immediately going Christmas or Hanukkah shopping at midnight to get the door buster, then figuring out how to pay for it all. Wine is not the stuff to add stress it's for taking away stress. So don't worry if Aunt Doris only likes white zin and Uncle Henry hates pinot, at the end of the day buy what you are going to enjoy.

Which brings me to the Do's.

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