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Laura Hahnefeld
Scottsdale Cornish Pasty Co. (under construction).
Scottsdale-ites who love the hand-held turnovers known as pasties will now be able to get their fill in their own neighborhood. The third location of Cornish Pasty Co., founded by Cornwall, England, native Dean Thomas, opened for business Wednesday at 3800 North Goldwater Boulevard in Scottsdale.

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As reported previously, the Scottsdale location of Cornish Pasty Co. was built out of what originally were two homes. The restaurant will feature a courtyard patio, with a similar feel to popular Tempe bar Casey Moore's.

The menu at the newest location will be the same as at the other two Cornish Pasty Co. outlets, but the Scottsdale spot will feature more alcohol offerings. In particular, more wines.

With the Scottsdale location open now it should only be a week or so until the restaurant's Las Vegas location is ready as well. That Cornish Pasty Co. will be at 953 East Sahara Avenue. The next location will be in downtown Phoenix, though that's not expected to open until closer to the new year.

Cornish Pasty Scottsdale will be open until 11 tonight.

For more information, visit the Cornish Pasty Co. Facebook page or call 480-945-1220.

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The Cornish Pasty Co.

3800 North Goldwater Boulevard, Scottsdale, AZ

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Hopefully being in Scottsdale it will be cleaner than their other grungy greasy locations.


Our family just had some. Mostly good flavored, but way too salty. Cut down the salt guys.


Cornish miners (cousin Jacks) took pasties underground with them in their lunch buckets 100 years while working in the Bisbee copper mines. Trinity Methodist church downhill from where my wife and I live still sells 'em each year as a find raiser.

Sami Carroccio
Sami Carroccio

Jessica Pate we need to go to THIS one sometime. Miss you, love

Karie Ingles
Karie Ingles

This is right by my house!! What new item will I start craving??

Belen Boll
Belen Boll

I love this place.... Thanks to Jamie Metzger!

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