Pecan Pie Pringles, Chex Mix Muddy Buddies and More Limited Edition Holiday Snacks

JK Grence
The Guilty Pleasure: Mass-market holiday novelties
Where to Get Them: Your favorite grocery store, mostly
Price: A few bucks. Easy impulse buy if you see them in the store.
What They Really Cost: Like you needed another excuse to eat more this time of year.

Now that it's almost December and pumpkin-flavored mania is on the wane, snack manufacturers are turning their eye to a wider array of sweet treats. There's always an air of comforting familiarity to them, but not always in unexpected ways. On a recent grocery store run, I picked up a few limited-run holiday treats to see if they're worth the calories.

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Chex Mix Muddy Buddies
For all I know, General Mills has been making bagged Muddy Buddies (better known to many as Puppy Chow, but given a different name by General Mills for several reasons) for ages and I'm only now noticing it because they gave it a cute holiday-themed bag. Considering the only time of year I've seen bowls of Muddy Buddies is winter holiday time, I might as well throw it on the list in case you're as morbidly curious as I was.

JK Grence
On the surface, these look pretty similar to the homemade version, at least until you notice they're unsettlingly uniform. That's where the similarities end. The homemade version has a good dose of chocolate and peanut butter, but there isn't much of either flavor here. There's a vague peanut flavor, and maybe a hint of chocolate, but all I get is sweetened Chex.

Much like standard Chex Mix, the bagged stuff doesn't hold a candle to the real homemade version. Considering that Muddy Buddies are dead easy to make (General Mills has a convenient recipe on their website) and the recipe makes a ton more for a little more cash the only reason I see to buy bagged Muddy Buddies is as an impulse buy that gets devoured before you get home.

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Lay's Wavy Potato Chips Dipped in Milk Chocolate
I'm amazed that of the various items I picked up, chocolate-covered potato chips aren't the weirdest. I'm a little nervous as to what The Powers That Be will come up with next year. Anyway, the folks at Lay's have released chocolate-covered potato chips as an exclusive item at Target. Target did a good job hiding them. After asking staff, I eventually found the chips in the very back of the holiday food section.

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