How to Make the Best Eggnog

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JK Grence
All of this in one tasty treat? I imagine you won't be coming to me for diet tips.
I just looked at the calendar and realized that the time for wintry merrymaking is coming closer. While I'm staunchly against Christmas creeping forward every year (seriously, retailers, can we at least wait until after Halloween before putting up Christmas decorations?), there's one piece of Yuletide cheer that is best started before Thanksgiving: eggnog.

I'm not talking about adding a lot of rum to eggnog from a grocer's dairy case. That stuff is, quite frankly, hideous. In lieu of eggs, dairies add all manner of thickeners and flavorings and try to pass it off as real eggnog. I'll pass, thank you.

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The solution is simple: Make your own eggnog. It's easy enough. There is a decision to make, though. Do you cook the eggnog before serving? Quite a few people cook their nog because it gives a thicker texture, but more because it skirts the issue of potentially giving your guests a case of salmonella poisoning.

There's an even better way: Age your eggnog in the refrigerator for a few weeks before you serve it. The wary among us are likely recoiling at the thought of mixing two highly perishable products and letting them sit for some time before consuming. Good news: There's less risk than you think.

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Greg Watson
Greg Watson

i might just try this .....that is my wife will let me keep something in the fridge that is = to a science experiment lol


Nog update: I should have figured as much, but don't bother whipping the cream before it goes in. Alternately, leave out the cream, then whip it and fold in just before serving.


Please tell me, what in the egg-nog recipe is: "Half and half"?


@siouxie_babe1 Half and half is in the dairy department next to the cream. It's called that because it's more or less half cream, half milk. The original recipe called for light cream (they're basically the same thing), but around these parts I've never seen light cream, so I called for half and half.

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