Taste of the Trucks 2013: Here's the Final Lineup for RoRo's Two-Day Event on October 26 and 27

Diana Lustig
BBQ Nachos from Q-Up! BBQ at a food truck festival last year.
After a two-year break from hosting food truck fests, Roosevelt Row and the Phoenix Street Food Coalition are back with Taste of the Trucks, a two-day food truck fest. On Saturday, October 26, and Sunday, October 27, they're bringing 50 trucks downtown for an event with live music and a beer and wine garden.

Want to know who will be there? We've got the final lineup. Get ready.

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If you haven't bought your tickets yet, you can purchase them online. A one-day pass costs $35 or get tickets for both days for $60. Kids admission is $20 a day. Tickets include food samples and beverages will be able to be purchased separately.

The fest will be held on Roosevelt Street between Fourth and Fifth streets, in the Evans Churchill Neighborhood.


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John Lewis
John Lewis

35 to get in and then you have to pay for the samples? Whaaa? Can anyone explain how this is a good deal?


Where are the big-dog trucks?  Luncha Libra, Torched Goodness, Udder Delights, Liberty's Biscuits, SuperFarm SuperTruck...seems to be missing some great ones.  :(


@John Lewis Tickets include food samples and beverages will be able to be purchased separately.



Aaahhh - but one of the absolute best we bet you don't know about -  will be there on Saturday - J-Licious Tasty Teazy Tacos!   AAAmazing gourmet tacos.  French-infused Oaxacan cuisine!  They just slammed the 2014 AZ Taco Festival last weekend.  Fabulous tacos slung with amazing Sassy Lassies.  Hope to see you on Saturday:-)

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