Tania Katan Says Keep Your Pink Ribbon-ed Cupcakes to Yourself

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courtesy of an unnamed cupcake company
Editor's Note: We first ran this piece two Octobers ago. When we received a press kit from a national chain touting their Breast Cancer Awareness cupcake, we were reminded that it's as pertinent today; Tania Katan gave us her permission to run it again.

Every October, we gather with friends and loved ones to race for a cure, think about how we might prevent this disease, make donations, and care for those who are enduring breast cancer.

But really, the overlooked star of this month is... Sugar!

Who doesn't want to dive into a moist, sweet, pink ribbon cookie?

How about licking the peaks of sugary pink frosting from atop a gourmet cupcake? YUM!

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It's fair to say that sugar and breast cancer go hand-in-hand! Like organ meats and gout; cigarettes and emphysema; Jan Brewer and xenophobia...Sugar and breast cancer are just a good match!

That's probably why, every October, I am stunned, and excited, to find bloated bakery goods with pink frosting ribbons to promote Breast Cancer AWARENESS!

OK, sarcasm aside, I'm not a doctor -- and I don't play one on TV -- but even I know that cancer cells have a super high metabolism, they're like the marathon runners of the cell world. There's nothing those nimble little cells love more than to lap up sugar! You don't have to believe me, there's tons of scientific evidence that shows the link between sugar and increased cancer risk. Look it up!

So why, then, are the mascots of Breast Cancer Awareness Month cupcakes, cookies and dancing candy-coated chocolates? Well, we have Suzy G., among other cancer orgs, to thank for these conceptually inaccurate partnerships.

Wait, I'm sorry, I don't mean to be criticizing cancer orgs that are actually doing good things for people. Let me clarify: I am specifically criticizing their misguided partnerships and associations. But my mother always told me that I shouldn't criticize something unless I can come up with a better idea. So, here are some other edible options that cancer orgs might consider stamping a pink ribbon on the next Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

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As a woman who has been treated for cancer, personally I think all this pink pink pink shit serves to infantilize women instead of empowering them. A friend of mine was presented a pink stuffed animal from a well meaning group after she was diagnosed. Quick thinker that she is, she asked if they gave baby blue Tonka trucks to men with newly diagnosed prostate cancer.

Women don't need toys and cuddly teddy bears festooned in pink ribbons. They need to know that when a doctor tells them that it's no big deal to remove healthy ovaries when they have benign symptomatic uterus removal that they need to run, not walk, from that doctor. They need to know that breast reconstruction is rarely without complications even with the 'complimentary' tummy tuck thrown in. They need to know that they are more likely to die of lung cancer than breast cancer.

They need to know what questions to ask when faced with life changing decisions. They don't need pink pink pink shit.

Molly Fuzat
Molly Fuzat

I don't think any partnership to help raise awareness/funds/support is ever misguided...


this tania guy seems really interested in women's issues. that's admirable.

Jennifer DeMente
Jennifer DeMente

Yeah, whatever...not really helpful alternatives you have there.


@glenorglendaTania Katan is a woman, and if I remember my Whitesnake videos correctly, quite an attractive one.


Would you please provide a solution rather than a complaint? Or is that too much to ask?

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