Roosevelt Row's Taste of the Trucks Food Truck Festival: Lots of New Eats, Shorter Lines

Evie Carpenter
Goodness Gracious Great Balls and Sliders' kimchee ball was one of the best things we ate all day.
Dozens of the Valley's food trucks hit Roosevelt Row in downtown Phoenix on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon for the Taste of the Trucks food truck festival.

We headed out on Sunday to sample just what the fest had to offer -- and we're happy to say many of the complaints we shared after the last RoRo food truck event in 2011 ceased to be an issue this time around.

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With 25 food trucks to choose from each day, the festival offered plenty of variety. And though the samples given at each truck tended to be pretty small (a good thing), we knew we probably couldn't hit each and every one. Our plan of attack involved skipping some of the city's best-known mobile eateries like Jamburritos and Pizza People to leave plenty of time and stomach space for new dining adventures.

Evie Carpenter
Island Loco does fusion food proud.
Some of Sunday's standouts included the trio of breaded balls from the guys of Goodness Gracious Great Balls and Sliders. Not only was this one of the more entertaining stops of the event, the truck's deceivingly simple-looking balls packed a lot of flavor. While the classic mac and cheese ball was tasty and the Mexican variety (with Mexican rice and a white cream sauce) was also good, the best bite came from the kimchee ball. The ball of deep-fried sushi rice was topped with a well-balanced secret kimchee-inspired sauce definitely made a strong impression.

We also liked the offerings from Island Loco, the food truck that's been serving Hawaiian fusion cuisine to the city for about a year. Early in the day, the truck served small portions of Spam musubi, an island favorite sometimes described as "Spam sushi." An accompanying dash of garlic aoili put this truck's version squarely in "fusion" territory, but made for an interesting and enjoyable take on the dish. Later the truck offered up kalua pork toastadas, a pile of pork, salsa and sauce atop a crunchy tortilla.

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The reason it wasn't busy is because New Times has pissed off enough readers with their crap reviews saying this festival (food trucks) or that one (tacos) or this beer festival will be good and lo and be hold every friggin time the events are packed because they were over sold on purpose.  Congratulations, you have now alienated your readers and hopefully your advertisers will take notice and bail until you start giving honest reviews.


If this is a local food truck festival plus local music why was the beer from Oskar Blues Brewery in Colorado. The beer was good and I know it's not a beer festival but it just seems that having @SanTanBrewing or @fourpeaksbrew  be the beer supplier makes more sense.

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