Oregano's Coming to Cave Creek

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Oregano's in Chandler.
On the heels of opening its first West Valley location in Glendale last week (6738 West Bell Road), Oregano's Pizza Bistro, the local pizzeria chain headed up by CEO Mark Russell, has announced plans to open a new location in Cave Creek.

"We've found a really cool, and truly old, spot for our next Oregano's!" A message from Russell read on the company's Facebook page. "It reminds me of the old roadside Italian joints on the outskirts of Chicago."

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As with his other Oregano's locations, Russell is particular about finding the right building to house his brand. In his message, he describes it without giving an exact address and lets readers know it will open in early 2014.

You can read Russell's full Facebook post below:

"Oregano's is Coming to CAVE CREEK!

We've found a really cool, and truly old, spot for our next Oregano's! Built in 1954 as the first commercial building in Cave Creek, this place was rumored to be the town's first hotel, and possibly a bed and breakfast. At the time, it was the only eating establishment between Flagstaff and Phoenix! It's located in the historic downtown area and has Oregano's written all over it. This location offers unbeatable charm, a beautiful patio with an outside bar, a fireplace, and plenty of Harley Davidson parking!

There's tons of history behind these walls and we can't wait to share it with you. It reminds me of the old roadside Italian joints on the outskirts of Chicago. Oregano's Cave Creek is opening in early 2014. Stay tuned!

~Mark S. Russell"

Oregano's opened its first location in Old Town Scottsdale in 1993. The company has 13 stores in Arizona.

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about 12-15 years ago when they had 1 or 2 locations Oregano's used to be pretty good.  Today they are a run of the mill and the food is beyond mediocre.  Not to mention some of the worst service I have received is from Oregano's.


I like Oregano's food.
 But the music can be too loud. Which makes its outdoor seating that much more attractive.

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