Arizona Medical Marijuana: The Battle Over "Medibles" and Some DIY Pot Recipes to Try

Illustration by Scott Anderson
This week's cover story explores how authorities are trying to limit medical-pot edibles.
Medical marijuana-infused "medibles" are big business.

With the 2010 passage of Arizona's Medical Marijuana Act, patients and caregivers have been experimenting with ways to infuse pot into food -- an imprecise and tedious task to be sure. But medical-marijuana kitchens like Uncle Herb's in Payson, one of only two state-approved kitchens in Arizona, are trying to bring some science to the burgeoning market.

Owned and operated by Matt and Tiffany Young, Uncle Herb's specializes in medical-marijuana infused goodies ranging from brownies and cookies to fruit juice and honey. What makes this kitchen's products stand out from typical pot brownies is a contraption they call "Wall-E," which allows for precisely measurable hashish extraction.

Here's an excerpt from this week's cover story about medical-marijuana edibles by Ray Stern:

"[The Youngs] know how much each brownie weighs, how much of the weight is from the cannabis extract, and how many milligrams of THC are in each. Some will have 180 milligrams, others as low as 60 milligrams. Rigorous testing of the concentrate and marijuana ensures proper potency and purity.

"Without such careful measurements, the potency and health benefits of each pot-infused marijuana product -- whether brownie, cookie, or drink -- would be uncertain. That is, there'd be no reliable way to tell whether the product contained too little or too much THC. To establish a high level of professionalism, the Youngs are taking a more scientific approach to medibles than state law requires."

But the story doesn't end there. State authorities are trying to put the kibosh on medical-pot kitchens.

Read more about the battle over "medibles" in Stern's story, "Medical-Pot Edibles Are Legal, but Prosecutors and Cops Aren't Backing Off."

While that battle ensues, you may have to stick with the DIY version, and we have some recipes to share with you!

Check out the next page for the most important pot recipe you'll need in your homemade medibles experiments.

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I personally can only use edibles, I have a lung condition that prevents me from being able to smoke. It has definitely helped so much with my pain since I got my card a few weeks ago at a place on Southern & Mill. They had a pain specialist on site, super convenient. I highly recommend anybody that is looking for their MMJ card to go there. The place was called The Marijuana Doctor. Look 'em up!


your recipe is not complete.

A key to making butter is to keep the temp at 190.  Most folks use a double boiler (float a small pot in a bigger pot of boiling water to keep temps at 212.  A crock pot set to keep warm with the lid off works best.

From there the mix needs to sit for 22 hours minimum 24 hours max. At 24 hours THC will be degrading into CBD.

Once the mix is made simple math will give you a dosage as you can expect the butter to be consistent.


If they do that, nobody will be able to smell it, and would have nothing to complain about.  They don't want that.   They want to lecture us about the evil of "smoked marijuana".   With people using edibles, they won't be able to do that.  Get it?


@ZZardozz vaorizor for the win

I love how these small government types like to tell us what medicine we can use and what is OK and not OK for us to put inside of our own bodies.

hardly small government when you are out to get me!

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