Lux Central vs. Chloe's Corner: Quiche Crush

Rachel Miller
Quiche and coffee from Lux.

Quiche, it isn't just for breakfast anymore. Truth is, quiche can be eaten for just about any meal. Eggs, milk, perhaps a bit of sour cream, veggies, bacon or sausage, flaky pie crust. What's not to love?

Everyone has their own style and concoction for the perfect quiche, our two competitors included.

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Rachel Miller
Quiche decisions at Lux.

In This Corner: Lux Central

The Setup: An anchor on the mid-strip of Central Avenue, Lux has been cranking out the coffee for caffeine addicts for years. A popular hipster hangout, Lux offers up freshly made pastry, perfect cappuccinos and funky décor.

Lux has transitioned into a hip nighttime hangout, turning out artisan cocktails and a set menu each evening.

With a plethora of quiche flavors behind the pastry glass, the breakfast decision becomes a challenging one.

The Good: Flaky crust, baked in tart pans for that beautiful fluted exterior, the Lux quiche is perfectly balanced with an excellent ratio of eggs to meat to veg. It's always served on a gorgeous vintage plate, plus the ability for a fabulous cappuccino.

The Bad: Waiting to have your quiche heated takes an eternity, and even then, it is only lukewarm.

Location Info

Chloe's Corner

15215 N. Kierland Blvd., Scottsdale, AZ

Category: Restaurant

Lux Coffeebar

4402 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Category: General

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