Chef Jay Bogsinke of St. Francis on Michael de Maria and the Death of Formal Cuisine

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Lauren Saria
Chef Jay Bogsinke of St. Francis
Jay Bogsinke
St. Francis

This is part one of our interview with chef Jay Bogsinke of St. Francis. Bogsinke has been at St. Francis since August, when chef/owner Aaron Chamberlin decided to call in some extra firepower for the restaurant as he wrangles with the new Phoenix Public Market Café. Today, Bogsinke, who has been in the Valley since 1999, talks about his time at one of the city's most famous bygone spots, Michael's at the Citadel. Don't forget to come back Tuesday when he talks about how his upbringing in Chicago inspired him to want to cook.

Lauren Saria
The bar at St. Francis
Though once known for his fresh takes on classic comfort foods and affinity for pork, Bogsinke says he's undergone a sort of personal renaissance of late. Since last Christmas, he's lost about 40 pounds by eating fresh, simple, and healthier food. Coincidentally, the lifestyle change set him up perfectly for this gig at St. Francis.

Since opening in 2009, Aaron Chamberlin's Central Phoenix restaurant has become a cozy spot known for celebrating farm-to-table food without much fuss. There's a wood-fired oven and no freezers at this place -- except for the one that holds the gelato.

Bogsinke admits it's a not a scene where he always would have fit in. He comes from the type of formal, admittedly pretentious dining styles that were on trend not so long ago.

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Chef Jay is the man! He's a throwback with wonderful technique, and a no nonsense approach to creating wonderful dishes.

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