Mixologist Ryan Magarian at Jade Bar Is Bringing Cocktail Culture To Sanctuary Camelback Resort, Reopening on Friday, Oct. 11

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Lauren Saria
The Pepper Smash No. 2 by mixologist Ryan Magarian.
When the Jade Bar at Santuary Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa reopens next week the bar is poised to become yet another power player in the Valley cocktail scene. In addition to a pretty extensive -- ok, a complete physical make over, the new Jade Bar will offer impressive craft cocktails from Oregon-based mixologist Ryan Magarian. They'll be complemented with a new food menu from Iron Chef America winner Beau MacMillan that more than lives up to expectations. Here's a rundown of what you can expect.

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Lauren Saria
Mixologist Ryan Magarian.
As far as the physical changes go, guests can look forward to significantly expanded seating options. Between the patio, bar, lounge area and a beautiful jade onyx drink rail, Jade Bar will now accommodate more than 100 people, up from 60 in the past. And thanks to a removable curved glass wall, the views will be as impressive as ever.

On the al fresco side, expect a spacious patio fitted with a fireplace, retractable shade system, misters and heaters.

But as pretty as that all might sound, the most exciting part about the expanded Jade Bar will be the introduction of Magarian's "cocktail culture."

"We don't like to use the word program," Magarian says.

Either way, in this case, the wording isn't just a schtick. Magarian, who has his own restaurant called Oven and Shaker in Portland, is the kind of cocktail geek who puts his passion to good use. He tells us he's into "pre-Prohibtion execution" and put all of Jade Bar's bartenders through 30 hours of "Navy Seal cocktail training." He can explain the importance of ice (the bar will have both large and small format ice machines), cadence (shaking v. stirring) and selecting the right base liquors, all of which he refers to as "functional flair" in cocktail-making.

The drink menu -- at least the official one -- will consist of 12 cocktails, including two non-alcoholic options. Magaria says he's "into" the idea of dry, non-alcoholic drinks for people who want something to sip during a meal but aren't looking to get a buzz. Choices will include the Pepper Smash No. 2, a concoction of Aquavit, maple syrup, yellow bell pepper juice and mint that's fragrant and dangerously good. Magarian describes it as a sort of mojito by way of the Mad Hatter.

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I cannot wait for Ryan Magarian to bring his craft to JB....super stoked!


I used to work at this resort and was never allowed to go to the bar, now that I work elsewhere, I'm really excited to go visit the new digs!!!!

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