Jack in the Box's Munchie Meals Barely Hide Stoner Marketing

JK Grence
I think your cholesterol level spikes just by looking at an Exploding Cheesy Chicken sandwich.

The Guilty Pleasure: Jack's Munchie Meals
Where to Get It: Jack in the Box, locations Valleywide
Price: $6.
What it Really Costs: Staggering amounts of calories, fat, and sodium. If you're in the target demographic, you won't care.

Jack in the Box doesn't usually do much to advertise to folks who enjoy late-night recreation of the herbal variety. Granted, they don't need to. Those two-for-99-cents tacos are quite the late-night munchie fix. And when it's extra-late, it's pretty much either Jack or your favorite Something-berto's.

Now, Jack is going all-out with Jack's Munchie Meals. Ads feature obviously stoned relaxed guys on a bachelor pad sofa, talking to a puppet version of the Jack spokesperson. As a clever marketing ploy, the meals are available only from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.. But that begs the question: Who the hell would order one of these in broad daylight?

You have your choice of four different entrées. All of them are comically over the top, from a burger topped with a grilled cheese sandwich to chicken nuggets smothered with cheese sauce, ranch dressing, and bacon. In addition to the main course, you get a pile of fries (half regular, half curly), two of those notorious tacos, and a beverage of your choosing, all for the grand sum of six bucks plus tax.

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When I first looked at the offerings, I was, to say the least, horrified. These are some of the most calorific combos I've seen, clocking in anywhere from just under 1,600 calories for one of the chicken choices and an iced tea or diet drink, all the way to over 1,900 calories (and a whopping 100 grams of fat and about 3,000 milligrams of sodium) for the brunch burger with a soda. That's almost an entire day's worth of caloric intake (and over a day and a half's worth of fat and sodium) in one convenient box. All the better to soak up the excess smoke, I suppose.

After a while, my shock turned into morbid(ly obese) curiosity. How did these grotesque creations taste? I rounded up a friend, and we tried the Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger, and the Exploding Cheesy Chicken sandwich.

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I saw one of these ads last night!  A black guy stoned and a puppet encouraging him to go out for munchies.  That's not just poor taste, but dangerous to the public.

That said, I was a poor college student once who didn't ever drink or use any drugs and these sorts of meals were all I had to get enough calories into me to get through a day or two.  When you are 18 and don't have a clue how to cook, mac and cheese and ramen sucks, especially if you have to take the bus or walk to get them.


As overcooked fast-food chicken strips go, JitB's are not the worst. But I figured that bringing them down to nugget size ruined any upside, so I guess I'm okay with you not having sampled them with ranch, bacon . . . AND not even really cheese, but cheese "sauce"? Oh, yuck.

'Berto's all the way. At least I know my death-by-cooked-fatty-animal will probably have been a real animal.


Thanks for being brave enough to try these! I was dubious about the chicken sandwich, so no surprises there. The grilled cheese burger sounds good though. I love their sourdough buns.

HD Barnett
HD Barnett

If they REALLY wanted to cater to the Stoners, they'd have Mallo-Mars on the menu!! (LMAO!!)

Susan Webner
Susan Webner

Hey, Gregory Cohen, I guess someone needs to tell Jack in the Box that they are missing out on the 11-year old marketing demographic. ;)

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