Deep-Fried Watermelon, Ghost Pepper Ice Cream, Cheesy Bacon Bombs, and More: Arizona State Fair, Round 2

JK Grence
Deep-fried watermelon on a stick? Yes!

I had a lot of fun last week covering wacky food at the Arizona State Fair. However, there were a few things I missed out on for one reason or another. Some things weren't yet ready to serve on opening day. On other dishes, my grease quota for the day had already been met.

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So, over the weekend I went back to try even more stuff. It was difficult to not make a beeline for the deep-fried lasagna and deep-fried Nutella I loved so much last time. But for all of you, I persevered. Here's what I got to try this time around.

Onion Ring Corn Dog
What is there not to like about the combination of two of my favorite deep-fried treats? I was trying to figure out how the vendor was going to combine the two. The decal on the stand showed me their plan: Deep-fry the two separately, then thread the onion rings on the corn dog. Brilliant!

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Arizona State Fair

1826 W. McDowell Road Phoenix, AZ, Phoenix, AZ

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Sharon Cody Vega
Sharon Cody Vega

Pigglys in the far south east corner has decent onion rings! Where's the Nutella? I haven't been able to find it.


Penultimate means second-to-last.


@Sharon Cody Vega The deep-fried Nutella is at Sweet Cheeks, on the south end of the grandstand where they do the demolition derby, BMX shows, rodeos, and such. Tell 'em I sent you!


@burt I swear I thought I wrote "quintessential" when I wrote "penultimate". This is what I get for doing most of my writing in the dead of night. Good catch.

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