Cornish Pasty Co. Readies for Scottsdale Opening; Las Vegas and Phoenix Locations Next

The Pilgrim: Roasted turkey and chicken, sweet potatoes, grilled onions, and stuffing.
Cornish Pasty Co. founder and Cornwall, England, native Dean Thomas is plotting to taking over the world -- with pasties.

Not really. But you might think so. After opening his first establishment of the hearty hand-held turnovers (pronounced PASS-tees) in Tempe in 2005 and then in Mesa in 2008, Thomas now is readying three more locations in Scottsdale, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. And two of the three will open in the next few weeks.

Here are the details.

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Laura Hahnefeld
Scottsdale Cornish Pasty Co. (under construction).
Tempe Cornish Pasty Co. manager KC Badger tells me the Scottsdale restaurant, located at 3800 North Goldwater Boulevard, will be the first to open, most likely in the next two weeks.

Cornish Pasty Co.
Founder Dean Thomas
"The space was originally two homes, but we put them together to make a restaurant with a courtyard patio," Badger says. "It will feel kind of like Casey Moore's."

Badger goes on to say that while the menu for the Scottsdale Cornish Pasty Co. will be the same as the other two locations, the alcohol offerings, primarily in wine, will be deeper.

Next to open (Badger says most likely a week after the Scottsdale location) is Cornish Pasty Co. Las Vegas, at 953 East Sahara Avenue. Why Las Vegas? Badger tells me the idea came from two longtime employees of the company.

"Dean looks for ideas within the company, not from outside help," Badger tells me. "And he grows within his means without sacrificing the quality of the food."

Lastly, and furthest from opening, is the downtown location of Cornish Pasty Co., a three-level unit (formerly Monroe's Downtown) at 3 West Monroe Street. With construction just getting started, a post on the company's Facebook page projects an opening by the New Year -- maybe.

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Location Info

The Cornish Pasty Co.

3800 North Goldwater Boulevard, Scottsdale, AZ

Category: Restaurant

The Cornish Pasty Co.

3 West Monroe Street, Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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love this place, but this guy has been saying "opening soon" for a year and a half for scottsdale and phoenix.  hard to believe when it is starting to sound like chicken little...

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