Health-Minded Hawaiian Eats Come to Scottsdale

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Photos by Laura Hahnefeld
Fish taco
Since Coconut's Fish Cafe opened in Maui in April 2009, it's been featured on's list of "Top 10 Places to Eat Like a Local" as well as the restaurant review website Zagat for having "the perfect fish taco."

This April, the healthy "island style" fast-casual eatery made its first stop on the mainland -- at 16640 North Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale -- touting a seafood-minded menu of burgers, tacos, and fish and chips along with sides like coleslaw made with coconut milk and brown rice. There are fat-free and gluten-free selections as well.

Here's what to expect.

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The bright, beach-themed scene at Coconut's Fish Cafe.
Naturally, the most popular item on the menu are the fish tacos ($10.99 for two), said to be made with a whopping 17 ingredients, including tomato, cheese, coleslaw, and mango salsa atop grilled white corn tortillas. Although they are satisfying -- fresh, sweet, crunchy, and with a flavor that can be kicked up with a variety of sauces -- they're almost too elaborate for their own good. The multitude of ingredients obscures the taste of the fish.

Fish and Chips
The tacos are more successful than the fish and chips ($11.99), two square patties of swimmers lightly fried in canola oil with little in the way of seasoning.

Coconut's beach-y scene is a bright, tidy room with wooden surfboard-shaped tables, painted images of fish, and two televisions showing various Hawaiian images. The service is friendly, and pretty much everyone will let you know what Coconut's is all about before you even have to ask.

Will Coconut's catch on in the mainland? If diners are willing to pay a little more for its healthful seafood fare, expect more of them to start popping up across the country.

Coconut's Fish Cafe
16640 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale

Open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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Coconut's Fish Cafe

16640 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ

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Martha Schulzinger
Martha Schulzinger

I was so thrilled to see that Coconut's Fish Cafe got a review and I was about to share this, but I think the author slightly missed the mark. The fish is delivered fresh every day from Maui, which was not mentioned, and the fish tacos taste fantastic! (But the latter is my opinion.) I am also surprised there were no quotes from the owner which could have answered the reporter's final question if "Coconut's catch on in the mainland?" Since opening up shop the restaurant is consistently busy. Still, I'm glad Coconut's is getting attention and I hope even more folks go so we can get another location soon.

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