6 Things We Ate at the Arizona State Fair

Katie Johnson
Bacon and corn dogs: Two of nature's most perfect foods, together in harmony. See the full slideshow here.
Lovers of deep-fried foods, rejoice! The Arizona State Fair is now in full swing. Whatever food you can think of, the odds are good that someone has deep fried it, covered it in bacon, or both. We went out this weekend to indulge in some of the more unusual eats (hold the chocolate-covered scorpion, please), and can't wait to tell you all about them.

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Bacon Batter Corn Dog
The folks at Mustard's, right in the middle of the midway, tout the award-winning nature of their bacon batter corn dog (pictured above). It's exactly what it sounds like, a regular corn dog with crumbled bacon in the batter. The bacon didn't give much bacony flavor to the corn dog. But, since the bacon was cooked before going into the batter, it gave the corn dog and extra-crunchy texture that was very enjoyable. I'd say it's worth the upcharge over a plain corn dog.

JK Grence
Looks like regular cotton candy, tastes like bacon.

Bacon Cotton Candy
I know bacon makes everything better, but the bacon-flavored cotton candy available close to Kiddieland may be a bridge too far. The flavor was . . . unusual. At first, the novelty of sweet cotton candy with a salty hit of bacon was enjoyable, but I got tired of the flavor pretty quickly. One of my friends gleefully devoured the rest of the bag, though. I suggest splitting a bag among your entire party; someone is sure to love it and steal the bag from everyone else.

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Katie Johnson
Doesn't look like much, but it's one of my favorite Fair foods this year.
Deep Fried Lasagna
When we saw deep-fried lasagna on offer at an XXL booth on the west side of the Fair, we weren't sure what to make of it. It was sort of like a chimichanga, but with noodles in place of the tortilla, and cheese and a selection of meat on the inside. The whole mess was breaded, then deep-fried. My research shows that it's been on the menu at a casual chain restaurant, but a ridiculous dish like this belongs at the Arizona State Fair.

It certainly didn't do much in the looks department. Thank goodness looks were deceiving; it was freaking delicious. The crisped pasta outside contrasted well with the gooey interior. Marinara sauce made it extra-savory, giving more depth than your usual deep-fried Fair fare. Even better, $10 for a full one is a reasonably priced lunch main course for two. This one is definitely worth a stop.

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