The Twilly at Pittsburgh Willy's in Chandler: Twinkie and Hot Dog, Together at Last

JK Grence
The Guilty Pleasure: Twilly Dog
Where to Get It: Pittsburgh Willy's, Chandler
Price: $3
What It Really Costs: Your friends' horrified stares are icing on the cake.

I've eaten a lot of weird things in the name of the Guilty Pleasures column. This week's offering takes the cake, both figuratively and literally. I present to you the single strangest thing I've covered, the Twilly Dog from Pittsburgh Willy's.

Earlier this summer, the folks at Pittsburgh Willy's decided to come up with some sort of special to commemorate National Hot Dog Day. It just so happened that Twinkies were on the verge of their triumphant return, so the proprietor figured he should combine the two.

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He then figured it still needed something. After all, what's a hot dog without toppings? He went with some peanut butter since its saltiness with a hint of sweet would be a natural pair for the already salty-sweet Twilly, and then topped it with bacon because bacon makes everything better.

Willy is a madman for using a Twinkie as a hot dog bun, but the world is a better place for it. The Twilly Dog takes salty-sweet juxtaposition to entirely new heights. It really, really shouldn't work, but it's pure genius. I'm trying to figure out how best to describe the sensation of eating one, but I'm completely stumped. All I can say is that it's way better than it sounds.

While I was at Pittsburgh WIlly's, I noticed that the better part of the menu is Guilty Pleasures heaven. The next time I go, I have my eye on the Big Willy Mac and Chili, a chili cheese dog topped with french-fried onions and a big heap of macaroni and cheese.

I do have one question: Is the Twilly dog more appropriate for an entrée or dessert? I imagine the thing to do is have a Big Willy Mac and Chili, then split a Twilly Dog with someone.

Oh, by the way: Willy feels like the Twilly Dog isn't weird enough yet (!), so he's experimenting with other toppings. Would you believe . . . Nutella?

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Pittsburgh Willy's - CLOSED

1509 N. Arizona Ave., Chandler, AZ

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Pittsburgh Willy's is closed but you can get his food including the Twilly dog at his new location in downtown Chandler called Wimpy's Paradise.

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