Sacha Levine of Rancho Pinot and FnB Is One Up-and-Coming Chef You Ought to Know

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Sacha Levine
Rancho Pinot, FnB Restaurant,

This is part one of our interview with Sacha Levine of both Rancho Pinot and FnB Restaurant. When she's not serving as wingwoman for her mentors Chrysa Robertson and Charleen Badman, she's pickling all sorts of seasonal veggies and things for her line of products called Green Thumb. Today, Levine, a tatted-up feminist and self-identified crybaby, tells us how she ended up at FnB and explains why she's not into the social media thing. Don't forget to come back tomorrow to get the scoop on her future plans and her hilarious thoughts on the Food Network.

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You might not know her name -- or face, for that matter -- but you probably will soon. Because Sacha Levine is easily one of the Valley's biggest up-and-coming chefs, though to say up-and-coming seems unfair since she's been honing her skills in top-notch professional kitchens for more than a decade. These days you'll find the ever-busy Levine working part time at FnB Restaurant and full-time at Rancho Pinot. She also has her own line of pickled products called Green Thumb, which she sells at Bodega, the market adjacent to FnB.

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Nikki Buchanan
Green Thumb
So how does she have time to do it all?

"I have, like, an inability to relax without the influence of alcohol," Levine says.

And a hell of a lot of passion helps, too.

"I feel like if I weren't physically cooking, I'd feel . . . void."

Growing up in Bullhead City, Levine says she was a "super-scholastic" kid. And though she didn't always know she wanted to cook, she says she always appreciated good food.

"We were poor," she says. "But we always had butter. My mom didn't buy margarine. She didn't settle."

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