Phoenix's La Condesa Changing Name, Opening New Location in Glendale

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Tinga tacos at La Condesa
Soon, fans of La Condesa Taco Shop, the contemporary Mexican cafe in Central Phoenix, will need to get used to calling the restaurant by its new name: La Santisima.

Felipe Guzman, who owns La Condesa with wife Christina, tells me having to change the name of his three-year-old restaurant was difficult, and that the decision came about after discovering La Condesa was trademarked by another company.

"I could have done things differently," Guzman says, "but I wanted to save a lot of problems for everybody."

Perhaps most notably, a second location of La Condesa, er, La Santisima, that's coming soon to Glendale.

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Guzman says the new name is a nod to Santísima Muerte, a variation of the female folk saint Santa Muerte, commemorated during the Mexican holiday Día de Muertos, or Day of the Dead.

Located at 5932 West Glendale Road (Glendale and U.S. 60), the Glendale La Santisima, Guzman tells me, will be a little larger than the Phoenix location and will have more parking. He hopes to open this month.

Although the name is changing, Guzman assures me the food will not. Like the Phoenix restaurant, the Glendale location will mimic the original's outstanding salsa bar, hearty horchatas made with fresh fruit and pecans, and an affordable menu of specialty tacos, quesadillas, and burros. There will be a full bar at both locations.

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It's all about the salsa bar!


I love this restaurant and am NEVER disappointed with food.  So, having to use plates instead of plastic cups is a deal breaker, come on!


This place  the food is delicious and traditional..... I go to this place for the food not for the name BEST MEXICAN FOOD EVER.......


@Concerned_Food_Fan Beat me to it....three tries and three disappointments. Last time there weren't even cups for the salsa bar so they just gave us plates to pour them can imagine how that worked out. When the main focus of the place is the salsa bar I think i'd be sure there are a few thousand at all times.

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