Karl's Quality Bakery In Phoenix Moving to New Space After 20 Years

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Karl's Lemon Basil FrèDo
In June, when we last left Karl and Christine Boerner, the Swiss-trained father-daughter pastry chef team behind Karl's Quality Bakery and the next-door Baker's Daughter, they were making Kronuts (their version of the Cronut) and suing their landlord.

The first effort worked out well; the second, not so much. The Boerners' lost their case and were given just 10 days to leave the bakery in Phoenix they called home for 20 years.

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Christine and Karl Boerner
Christine Boerner tells me Karl's new home will be at Central Avenue and Dunlap (she says she can't name the specific address just yet), less than a mile away from the old location. The family plans to open at the end of October.

Boerner says the new bakery is about the same size as the old Karl's but in a newer building. And because it's a build-out, she and her family will be able to streamline the place in whatever way they want -- namely, putting The Baker's Daughter (her chocolate business) and Karl's Quality Bakery in the same space.

For fans of Karl's who don't want to wait for a Kronut or one of Christine's delectable chocolates, the Boerners have a limited selection of their baked goods available at Le Napoleon, the pastry shop at 15820 North 35th Avenue. Owned by friend and fellow Swiss baker Gerald Cretton, the Boerners are using the bakery as a temporary home until they move into their new location.

"We cried when we left," Christine says of her family leaving their old bakery home. "We even found some old drawings I did when I was a kid. I thought I would miss it more, but we've been through so much crap, especially near the end, that I don't think about it as much as I thought I would."

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Their landlord is an idiot, probably will turn the space into another Title Loan or Check Cashing place. They will be better off in their new home I'm sure, love their bakery.


Karl & Christine, we love you and will follow you wherever you go.  I am sure your new place will be the perfect location for you and you will find even more success and new customers who must have your baked goods and your fabulous chocolate creations.  You may have lost this lease/location but YOU WON big time in the grand scheme of things!!!  Best wishes for success at your new address and may it be an easy move.  We look forward to your Grand Opening and blessing your new place.


I'm saddened by your loss, but grateful you've decided to stay in the neighborhood and will be even closer to my home! Welcome!! :) I'm looking forward to your opening and enjoying your creations.


Smooth move, building owners. Now you get two more forever-empty spaces in your dying strip mall.

Hang tough, Karl. We'll follow ya.


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