Contest: Dress Your Pet As Food, Win A Prize!

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Did you adore our recent listthat featured pets in food costumes? The moment you've been waiting for has arrived. We want to see your pets in their food-inspired costumes. Daschshunds dressed as hot dogs, Chihuahuas in enchilada costumes, let your imagination run wild. Dress your pet as food, and get dinner on us!

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Entering is a piece of cake. Take a picture of your pet in their costume. Post it on Instagram, making sure to use the hashtag #ChowBellaPets. You have until the stroke of midnight on October 19 to enter. Our favorite entry wins a Guilty Pleasures dinner with yours truly, compliments of Chow Bella. I can't wait to see your pets in costume. Don't delay, dress your pets as food today!

Clarification: The winner receives dinner for one person.

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Suzi Glover
Suzi Glover

Marcia Brown, this has your name all over it :)

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