7 Must-See Food TV Shows This Fall

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Season 2 of Anthony Bourdain premieres September 15 in Jerusalem - Israel, West Bank and Gaza
Grab a gourmet snack and a comfy seat on the couch because the fall tv season is just around the corner. And while we can watch re-runs of Good Eats and No Reservations until the cows come home, we're pretty excited for some new fodder on which we can feast our eyes. In addition to new seasons of some of our favorite food-related television shows, there are a few new series out this season that have piqued our interest already. Craft beer fans, there's something for you and if you thought you were sick of Gordon Ramsay, wait till you see what he's got up his sleeve next.

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Mind of a Chef, Season Two
Premiers Thursday, September 19 at 5 p.m. on PBS Arizona 8

Watch The Mind of a Chef, Season 2 - Preview on PBS. See more from The Mind of a Chef.

Last year this series, hosted by Anthony Bourdain, won a James Beard award for best Television Program on Location. The travel/cooking show combines history, science and humor to show viewers what it's really like inside the mind of a culinary magician. Last season the show followed the infamous Momofuku chef David Chang, but this time they're tackling two culinary minds: Sean Brock, Executive Chef and Partner of McCrady's and Husk Restaurant in Charleston, SC and April Bloomfield, Executive Chef and Co- Owner of a slew of New York City restaurants: The Spotted Pig, The Breslin Bar & Dining Room, The John Dory Oyster Bar and Salvation Taco. The first half of the season, episodes 1-8, will focus on Brock, while episodes 9-16 will feature Bloomfield.

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Screw Bourdain.  He's a hypocrite.  For years he arrogantly sneered at Emerile,
Rachel Ray Sandra Lee etc. at being foodie sellouts.  (Not that I agreed with him, but that was the bar he set!) Now he does the same thing with his "the Taste" and all his cashing in. Nothing wrong with it, but he clearly was a food snob and now, based upon his own standards, he his wallowing in the pig trough promoting his own brand of slop.

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