Chef Aurore de Beauduy of Vogue Bistro on Surprise and Her Most Memorable Meal Ever

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Lauren Saria
Chef Aurore de Beauduy in the kitchen at Vogue Bistro
This is part two of our interview with chef Aurore de Beauduy of Vogue Bistro in Surprise. Having traveled and worked all over the world, you can imagine de Beauduy is a woman with a quite a lot of stories to tell. Today she shares our favorite of those adventures (at least from those we've gotten to hear so far), about her six-month stage at a French restaurant in communist Russia. She was there in winter of 1998. If you missed the first part of the interview in which she told us how she got started at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, you can read that here.

Courtesy of Roman Yasinsky
Vogue burger and fries

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"We had nothing," she recalls of her days working at the Russian hotel restaurant. All of the ingredients for the were flown in from France, she explains. "We would pray the plane would be able to land in the snow.

"We were packed every night ... and they would come in with the most beautiful jewelry...just amazing," de Beauduy remembers. "This was like, the crème de la crème."

The Party even gave the general manager a lavishly decorated apartment, she says, as a token of their appreciation for his work. But the rest of the French employees lived in the hotel; they weren't allowed to walk around the city freely, or do much of anything besides go to work. And at work they were at the beck and call of their customers, making whatever was ordered to the best of their ability. It was all about extravagance, from the food to the décor. The ladies had attendants on hand just to change their winter boots out for evening shoes upon arrival.

"It was such a waste," she says. "Such a waste."

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