10 Bizarre Diner Requests Asked of Valley Chefs

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Requests from diners are nothing new. Perhaps they have to do with omitting a certain ingredient, asking for a substitution, or simply inquiring after an off-menu dish.

But what happens when the requests take a trip into the strange, like unusual menu modifications, questionable preparation techniques, and downright bizarre uses for chocolate? This week, Valley chefs and restaurateurs share 10 of the most unusual requests they've received from diners who take special orders to a whole new level.

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Chef Matt Taylor,
Market Street Kitchen

At Market Street Kitchen, we had a gentlemen who asked that his fish and chips special be smothered with pepper jack cheese. Gross.

Chef Michael Stebner,
True Food Kitchen

I watched a guest order and eat raw frog legs.

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Chef Matt Zdeb
Sushi Roku, Scottsdale

We had a guest ask for enough chocolate syrup to fill a bath tub. He also asked to make sure that it was edible and thick enough to be able to coat his skin so he would be able to write and/or draw pictures on himself if he wanted to.

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"veggies, sauce, meat, and starch on separate plates."

 Haven't we all known somebody with this weird phobia about food mixing with other food on their plate? Granted, I've never seen it taken to this extreme.

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