10 Best Food Costumes for Pets

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You can claim to be above such immature offenses as taking cat-bearding selfies or ordering your pampered pooch a decaf Puppiccino at Starbucks (yes, they exist). But no spine is strong enough, no funny bone numb enough, to resist the pathetic cuteness overload that is pets dressed as food.

Go ahead, try your damnedest to give that dog dressed as a lobster you most dead pan expression. Tell that cat you could care less that he's covered in sprinkles. It's not going to happen. You know it. We know it. And sadly, the pet knows it too.

So this Halloween, rather than deny our weakness for culinary pet costumes, we're embracing it, by giving you the 10 best instances of pets dressed as food.

And stay tuned: Chow Bella is sponsoring a contest we'll announce soon. Just how cute is your pet's Halloween food costume?!

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The Hot Dog

We'll start with the classic, for as long as there have been sausages sandwiched by buns, there have been dogs parading around as their dopplegangers. A perfect example of word association turned accessory, the hot dog costume is obviously pulled off best the wiener dog, and most ironically by the cat.

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Stephanie Lieb
Stephanie Lieb

I saw this post and immediately guessed Katie Johnson wrote this - haha amazing!

Kristin Heggli
Kristin Heggli

Wow! I love The Baked Pugtato and also Rice Crispy Cat.

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