"The Hangover" at The Attic Ends Our Burger Summer

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David Holden
Although the signage for the defunct Cave and Ives is still draped across the outside of the building, the gastropub is now called The Attic, and literally is an attic.

The upstairs loft may be small, but it manages to fit in a bar and a patio for those cool winter nights. Aside from beer, the Attic serves mostly bar food, including, as I am sure you guessed, burgers.

Unfortunately, I didn't fast that day, otherwise I might have been tempted to try the I Can't Believe Huddy Ate This Burger, which consists of six half-pound patties, six eggs, and 12 pieces of bacon. Instead, I settled for one-sixth of that burger and chose The Hangover Burger. The Hangover is topped with an egg, bacon, cheddar cheese, chipotle mayo, mixed greens, onions, and tomato.

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The Patty: 4
When a place claims it has the best burger in town, I expect the burger to at least be properly cooked. Now, I am usually pretty forgiving, so if I ordered my burger medium-rare and it comes out medium, it's not the end of the world. But when it comes out medium-well (and that's being generous), that's unacceptable. Overcooking this burger really ruined what otherwise seemed to be a flavorful piece of meat. While the patty still had some peppery flavor, the juices that make a burger tender and savory were nonexistent.

The Toppings: 9
The patty may have lacked juices, but the toppings certainty did not. Of course, the reason this burger is called The Hangover is because of the cure to all hangovers: the fried egg. With toppings, I usually prefer less mess, but an egg may be the one exception. Once you take your first bite, the egg will surely break, spreading yolky-goodness to the rest of the burger. The strips of bacon mixed well with the slightly spicy chipotle mayo and a sharp slice of cheddar. The Attic could have stopped there, but they really wanted to load this bad boy. The two slices of ripe red tomatoes and mixed greens were quite refreshing, while the fried onions added crunch.

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The Attic

4247 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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I am sooo with Anonymouseater....

- LOVE THIS BURGER-  its brilliant...!!!

Anonymouseater like.author.displayName 1 Like

You are definitely in the minority not liking this burger. They don't claim to have the best burger in town on their own. Burgersguide.com rated it as the best in the world. (Fourth best, if I recall correctly.) I think it's pretty clear how much you back this review by how quickly it was also removed from your Facebook page. Here's some links to real reviews of the burger http://www.theburgerguide.com/burger-review.php?burger_id=177&burger_joint=The%20Attichttp://forkvsfood.com/best-burger-review/

missmerlot69 like.author.displayName 1 Like

It is truly unfortunate that your burger wasn't cooked to your specifications, because this is the BEST burger.  I have been to the Attic several times specifically because since they put this on the menu and I tried it, I crave it like nothing else.  Each time it has been cooked exactly as I ordered - and I am seriously picky about my burger!  I say give it another go. 

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