Stone Bread Pizza Hits the Valley Food Truck Scene

Saffron Jak
A new and decidedly unique pizza has hit the Valley's thriving food truck arena -- and this one comes stoned.

Saffron Jak Original Stone Bread Pizza, billed by owners Jayson and Jaymes Khademi as "the only stone bread pizza in Phoenix," features a rotating menu of globally inspired, stone-cooked pies with a foundation of sangak, a Persian whole wheat sourdough flatbread.

Ready for a stone bread pizza lunch -- or breakfast? Here's what to expect.

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Saffron Jak
Made with ingredients like pork belly bacon from The Meat Shop, uncured pepperoni from California-based Zoe's Meats, and the Khademi's signature turkey sausage, look for pizzas from Saffron Jak to include the J-Mex with roasted corn, squash, black beans, purple potato, and cotija cheese; the Super Greeky featuring olives, cherry tomatoes, pepperocinis, Medjool dates, and feta; and a creation called the Chicken and Waffle House with housemade fried chicken, maple bacon, country gravy, and mozzarella.

And Saffron Jak does breakfast, too, serving its pizzas alongside Persian sourdough egg wraps.

Recently, Saffron Jak has been slinging its stone bread pizzas on Friday mornings and afternoons at the Firestone shop on Third Avenue and Osborn, Friday nights at Phoenix's Kobalt Bar, and on Wednesday afternoons in Tempe near Loop 101 and Broadway. To find out where they'll be next, check out their Facebook page.

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Saffron JAK Pizza

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Nice Work Jayson!

Jayson Ali Khademi
Jayson Ali Khademi

Thanks for the kind words! We hope to be at some of the downtown events soon so keep an eye out!

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