Just What Does a "Raw Food" Bagel Taste Like?

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Nina Gruber
Raw Everything Bagel
Welcome to Crunch, where Chow Bella contributor Nina Gruber is exploring healthy eating options -- and reporting back. This week: the Raw Food movement.

Most of us eat a little bit of raw food every day: a salad here, some carrots there, maybe some dehydrated kale chips. But some people take this tendency to a new level, resorting to only consuming raw food, all the time, exclusively. Though the thought of it may make the readers hungry at the lack of substance, this is a very real and very significant movement of food lovers. This diet is nothing to be scared of, though daunting, Raw Foodism can be tasty.

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What's that?
Raw Foodists eat the way they do to retain the healthful qualities and enzymes present in food that can be destroyed by the heat of cooking. To claim to "eat raw" means that the food you eat is never cooked above 116 degrees Fahrenheit. This is possible by relying on various techniques of food preparation and utilizing the natural, yet maybe not well-known qualities of foods. Through dehydration, soaking, grinding, juicing, pickling, blending, sprouting, and being relatively tactful in general can lead to delicious and filling raw meals.

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That's an even looser interpretation of "bagel" than the rolls with holes that come from Einstein Bros.

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