Poll Indicates Americans Are Not Crazy for Cronuts™ After All

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Screen capture from ABC News video
Cronut-mania is sweeping the country! They're everywhere and everyone loves them!
Or at least that's what the media (psh) want you to think.

However, a new poll by YouGov, an online research and consulting organization, suggests that just isn't true. In fact, its research indicates that the majority of Americans have no clue what the hell a Cronut™ is and wouldn't be interested in trying one anyway.

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According to the poll results, 69 percent of Americans haven't even heard of the Cronut™. And results showed that rate was fairly stable across gender and age categories, though older people were slightly more likely to not have heard of the food. Understandably, more people in the Northeast region had heard of the food than those living elsewhere.

Pollsters also asked participants whether they would be willing to wait in line for a croissant-doughnut hybrid and found that about half, 52 percent to be exact, would not be interested in trying one if they had to wait. In fact, only 29 percent would want to try one even if they didn't have to wait.

And remember all those crazy photos of Cronut™ lines? Well according to the survey, only 2 percent of Americans would wait more than an hour for one.

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Just like Krispy Kreme, lines around the block, everyone has to have them... then as soon as they have them once or twice,  the stores start closing down from lack of business because everyone was being driven by the media frenzy.

Valerie Vieira-Gardner
Valerie Vieira-Gardner

It's ok. Nothing special. not worth $2.50. Tastes like a cream filled donught but the donught part is different, more flaky like a crossiant.


I wonder if the unemployment rate and the cronut lines are related. Hopefully as the rate goes down, so does the line. $2 in your pocket with time to spare makes standing in line more palpable.


@Arizona Highrise Really? In what way?

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