New India Bazaar in Phoenix: What We Bought, What We Skipped, and What We're Still Lusting Over

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Heather Hoch
Get your hot, fresh samosas here!
The Spot: New India Bazaar and Cuisine, open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. until 8:30 p.m.

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Heather Hoch
The Indian eats at New India Bazaar.
What We Bought:
For all you Phoenicians craving curries and masalas and kormas, stop by Indian Bazaar and Cuisine on Seventh Street for lunch or dinner. If you're interested in continuing the adventure at home, the market section of the restaurant has pretty much everything you'll need (aside from talent) to re-create your favorite dish at home. If you're short cooking skills, don't fret -- MTR packaged curries and masalas are not only idiot-proof (you just boil the bag), they're also tasty and $1.99 for a full meal.

Also idiot-proof are the quart jugs of delicious, sweet, creamy and tangy mango lassi ($4.99), one of our favorite Indian beverages. For more adventurous drinkers, we recommend the Rooh Afza ($4.99) "Summer Drink of the East," which is fruity, floral, and herby and hailed for its mysterious cooling abilities. It also goes great in a Hendrick's and tonic.

Heather Hoch
The Indian drinks at New India Bazaar.
Finally, we do have to mention the grab-and-go treats and sweets at the deli counter like veggie samosas and sweet peda pastries. The most irresistible item in the case definitely is the $1.29 portion of rasmalai, a pudding-like paneer and cream dessert flavored with cardamom.

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New India Bazaar & Cuisine

2544 N. 7th St., Phoenix, AZ

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